“Last night I learned how to be a lover of the Universe
To live in this world and call nothing my own.
I looked inward and the beauty of my own emptiness
filled me till dawn.
It enveloped me like a mine of rubies.
Its hue clothed me in red silk.

Within the cavern of my soul
I heard the voice of a lover crying,
“Drink now! Drink now!”—

I took a sip and saw the vast ocean—
Wave upon wave caressed my soul.
The lovers of God dance around
And the circle of their steps
becomes a ring of fire round my neck.

Heaven calls me with its rain and thunder—
a hundred thousand cries yet I cannot hear…..

All I hear is the call of my Beloved.” RUMI

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Oil Painting by Gulden Oguz (name: Find yourself in its hidden depth.)
If you wish to buy the painting you can do so from her website @ https://www.guldenoguz.com/oil-paintings
Find out more also about Gulden Oguz @ https://www.gulftoday.ae/culture/2021/10/09/gulden-oguz-explores-mysticism-in-her-dynamically-colourful-canvases