Your eyes took me back to My bygone days
They taught me to regard the past and its pain
All I saw before my eyes saw you It’s a lifetime wasted
How can the count it on me?

You are my life
With your light its dawn began
You, you are my life
So much of my life has gone, gone and passed my love
Never did my heart know a moment of happiness
Or tasted in this world but bitter pain
Only now I have begun to love my life
Only now I have begun to fear that time will fly

Every happiness I longed for and imagined
was found in the light of your eyes by my heart and mind
Oh life of my heart more precious to me than life,
Why, why, why didn’t I fall in love with you sooner?

Song Info: Enta Oumri by Umm Kulthum released in February 1964 by Sono Cairo Records.
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Mix by Achraf Kallel ft. Omnia Soliman
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